Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music Performing

There are many new promising artists out there capable of providing the musical community with heavenly music for many years to come. Music Performing is the last link in the chain of music professions. Let's try going through the whole circle!
I think you all guess what's the first step in music: composition! It's literally the first thing that has to be done before any kind of music can come to life. Music composition has its comings and goings too. First of all, a composer comes usually short, because, let's face it, nowadays composing music for real musical instruments is a tough job! Mainly because the mainstream music society has gone into cheap electronic productions. One of the very few kinds of music that is still being recorded and not produces through computer is rock. Anyways, a composer's job is to create a musical piece that people can connect to and understand it. It also has to be playable and adapted for the special needs and capabilities of every different instrument. A violin, for instance, can't play what a piano can play, nor a piano can play what a violin can.
Then next part of the circle is, usually a distributor. A person whose job is mostly marketing and managing. He is the one who has to find where the music is going to be played, who is going to play it, and how the scores will get into their hands. For example, for an orchestra, someone has to arrange the scores and distribute them to each and every one of the instruments. Part-making, is also a very difficult and complicated work. You have to make sure to keep in account all the factors that will help the musicians play together. It is a tough profession.
At last, we get to the part we 're interested in: music performing. That is the final level of the circle of music. After the composer's music has finally made it into the hands of the performer, he has to study it, become familiar with it, understand it, and develop the kinds of techniques required for playing that particular piece of music. That, too, is not an easy job. But the power of the performer lies in his choices. He has the power to move the crowd towards his desires. That, of course, is again the second part of the link, whose first part holds the composer. But the power of those two combined, is really big. It's a kind of social strategy. They can move the masses towards their own spiritual and practical journeys.
A singer, let's say, can always relate better with his/her audience because he is singing, which is something that we all can do, more or less. Certainly, a singer has to go through some tough education to become what he is, probably singing exercises, ear training, etc. But the choices he is presented with, at the end of all that, are surely worth it.
At the end of the day, we should all respect and admire performers, for bringing before our ears,what great composers have inspired. It is a world of hard work, but beautiful results.

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