Sunday, October 16, 2011

Absolute Pitch

Just though I should share some thoughts with you about my knowledge about absolute pitch, as perfect pitch should always be the thing that should always concern you the most about ear training. My first thoughts on the matter were negative, but then I realized how much money you could earn from ear training, absolute pitch and perfect pitch, and I came to my senses.
The thing that you should pay the most attention to is really your ear. Musicality is mostly devoted to those that can access primary databases of the human emotions depository., which is where all the music is stored. I think that if someone could achieve perfect pitch in a night, he would be the one that we should all talk to, but then again, I think that this is quite impossible, mainly because nobody can achieve absolute pitch in one single night.
I am not trying to be negative, but my real opinion is to try to reach into your minds and get the music out of you. The real musician doesn't wait until perfect pitch comes and finds him, but he gets out and tries to find it himself, as any reasonable person should do. Absolute pitch is always a part of our lives, as it should be, and perfect pitch doesn't stand a chance as well. But my hopes lie in music anyway, because it brings hope and wisdom to many people that couldn't have had it any other way.
Of course, music theory should always be a part of whoever wishes to have it. As my uncle Earny says, nobody should be forced into music, but anyone who wishes it, should kindly be educated into earning an honest buck out of music. I started out in music when I was twelve, but I never accomplished anything because I went to medical university. But the future of music stands with you, the amateur musician who reads posts in internet about music and ear training and perfect pitch and has really no idea about real music education or anything about real art.
The past of music was always dark and quiet, with lots of instruments and not a lot of absolute pitch, but the present has a lot of chances for us, especially for those who have had a lot of ear training in the last years. Perfect pitch has always been there for us, and musicians have always tried to find ways to stay in touch with their noble roots. Of course, nobody can have absolutely perfect pitch, but trying is important, and it boosts your confidence too. I myself have many times tried to achieve some musical skills and failed throughout the years, but my confidence never dropped down, because I always had pretty good ear training.
Ear training online has been one of the best ways to keep in touch with our training, but musicians have tried to get in our way. My advice: try to keep your training going, and keep your confidence high for the only thing that matters: absolute pitch!

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  1. Musicians with extremely good relative pitch can give results indistinguishable from those having absolute pitch, but they are always at a disadvantage in having to hear a reference tone, such as Middle A, first. You may have noticed this in purely vocal concerts, where the musicians hold tuning forks to their ears before starting a new movement.
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