Saturday, November 12, 2011

Renaissance Counterpoint

What exactly is renaissance counterpoint? I will tell you! The first thing that you need to know about renaissance counterpoint is that it explains itself. That's right, it explains itself. I'm saying that because counterpoint is a music form based on the idea of a theme being repeated or answered by another voice, and in that way one voice passes over the other, with the same thematic material, as it grows and expands in length and ideas, and that's why I'm saying it explains itself. It is an esoteric form of music that keeps your interest at all voices together, at all times.
As you may have already guessed, I'm a counterpoint freak. It is true, and I will not deny it. The only thing I desire is to sit down listening to renaissance counterpoint all day and talk about it. One of the most common forms of counterpoint is the fugue. In a fugue, a voice succeeds the other in a way that all the voices have taken all the parts in a row. In the end no voice is left without having sung every last bit of the material. Yes, it is hard, but it is beautiful! Of course, the best fugues ever were written by J.S. Bach, and that's not a coincidence.
In the old days, people didn't have electricity, and that affected music in a way that you cannot imagine. First of all, people couldn't hear music without people playing it! That's why music was so alive back then. You couldn't simply walk around in renaissance counterpoint and listen to music on your iPhone! However, there was music everywhere, because people loved it. And because music was only played by musicians and not DJs or sound engineers, music was always kept at a certain level. That is why our music today is garbage, while our fathers' music was angelic!
Now would be a logical time for you to ask "What can I do about it?". Well, first of all, try to attend as many renaissance counterpoint concerts as you can, because in that way, you will show people that you are interested, that that music is not dead, and you will make the difference. On the other hand, there is music being written today that is really crafty and beautiful. Most of the times, you will find that music in movies, because that's the only way that people will understand music nowadays, through an intermediate (image) that will explain that feeling of music for them, since they are deaf. But you will find ways to keep hope, as have I, and you will keep going on with your life as everyone else. There is nothing wrong with that. You know, we can't just sit still and reminisce our old days. This is the world today...